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Highliner Alarm Panel Control
MASTER BLUE Highliner Shipboard Alarm Pa

Highliner Shipboard Alarm Panel

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With increasing USCG requirements and aging or obsolete alarm panels, our customers started asking if we could create an alarm panel that would be as close to a drop-in replacement to their existing system as possible, with the ability to connect to their existing sensors, engine outputs, and other alarms.  Without breaking the bank.  They wanted to be able to customize it later without a costly service call - while being secure and password protected.  They asked for remote stations for the wheelhouse and engineer's stateroom, with the ability to add more remotes later.  Again, without breaking the bank.  We took their input (thanks to Marc Sehlbach of F/V Rondys in particular), added some cool ideas, and created the Highliner Shipboard Alarm Panel.  


Easy to Configure

One of the top complaints from vessel operators is the too-frequent requirement for a service call to make changes to the alarm panels.  We designed the Highliner Shipboard Alarm System with broad customization capabilities, secured by a password to protect against inadvertent or malicious modifications.  Here are the most common user modifications available:

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Models & Options
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