Bow to Stern, Bridge to Bilge

Elmore Electric is a full service electrical contractor for the commercial marine industry.  Our skilled Services team has deep knowledge and decades of experience with shipboard systems from propulsion and steering to refrigeration, power generation and management, reverse osmosis systems, wastewater treatment, crane and motor control, sensing and monitoring, system alarms, and more.  We partner with the world's leading companies - Siemens and Kongsberg are excellent examples - in providing tailored solutions to match our customers budget and timing priorities.  Our customers look to us for new construction, scheduled maintenance or new system installation, and rescue or break/fix situations.  
Our Service teams plan projects to our customers' schedules, whether in port, in drydock, or underway and we work where our customers need us, whether in the US or in overseas locations.

Lighting Design and Installation 

As part of our focus on maximizing our customer's on-the-water performance, Elmore Electric offers a full line of high efficiency LED lights to help our customers increase crew productivity, decrease maintenance costs, improve crew safety, and drive power and fuel consumption down.  In November, 2014 Elmore Electric introduced a range of new LED lights carrying the HIGHLINER brand, ranging from general-purpose LED flood lights (Value line), to optically lensed LED lights for a more targeted set of lighting needs (Core line), to all-weather no-compromises LED lights (XL line) that are fully customizable to specific lighting requirements.  See our Highliner Lighting pages (menu above, or via for more information.

Our Service Reputation

As one of our customers said when recommending us to one of their clients, "We recommend that you work with Elmore Electric.  They're the only guys who can keep up with us." 

If you are considering Service work for your vessel and would like to hear directly from our customers about why they bet their business on Elmore Electric, email and ask us for a list of references.