Power Savings
The Highliner Core 100W fixture provides equal light to: a 1000W Quartz Halogen or a 300W High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide

Fuel Savings
By lowering the generator load the lights can pay for themselves within 2-3 years

Fuel Savings
Eliminates dangerous lighting maintenance costs with no bulbs to replace. Go from a 3,000 hour halogen bulb to a 50K hour LED

Improves crew productivity with a much higher quality of light in all working areas

Map Your Deck
Elmore uses mapping software to determine what wattage, beam, and locations all before you receive the lights

Image Left:
8 x 150W Fixtures
Deck: 74’ x 42'


Custom plans for each vessel, role, and condition

Installation schedule to fit your budget, maintenance schedule, and timing priorities

Performance & Reliability
Industry leading technology with a 3 year warranty


Mounting Height
Depending how far away the fixture is mounted
from the area it’s illuminating will dictate the
beam pattern. For most deck lighting applications
a 60° beam will work best. If the surface is 40’
from the light or more a 40° will most likely work
best, but every application is different.



Advantages of Daylight White
5000K - 5500K Colored LED’s are all the rage these days because that’s the color temperature of daylight. The human eye was designed to be more recepyive to this white light. In the top left image the deck looks brighter being lit by the LED, but actually has less light. We are more receptive to the Daylight White of the LED so it appears brighter. The white light is much easier to work under.

Part NumbersHC-100WXX-90305V
Lumens10,500 lm
Beam Pattern (XX)40°, 60°, 60° x 135°, 85° x 135°
Input Voltage90-305V AC
Number of LED's50
Housing ColorWhite
Color Temp.5500K
Warranty3 Year
Weight10.14 lbs / 4.6 kg
Dimensions12.72" x 10.35" x 3.46"
323 mm x 263 mm x 88 mm
LED Lifespan50,000 Hours
Amp Draw0.92A @ 120V AC / 0.46A @ 240V AC
IP RatingIP65
Operating Temp.-49°F ~ 113°F / -40°C ~ 45°C