We Maximize Your On-The-Water Performance

The Service We Offer

Elmore Electric provides high quality electric and electrical services in the commercial marine industry.  We design, build, install, and service customized control panels for an extensive range of applications from propulsion and steering to refrigeration, power generation and management, reverse osmosis systems, wastewater treatment, crane and motor control, sensing and monitoring, system alarms, and more.  Our customers' vessels span fishing boats and catcher/processors, container and trailer ro-ro ships, tugs and barges, cruise ships, US Navy ships, tenders - essentially, if it floats and has electromechanical systems aboard, we're your best choice!


We have years of experience as well providing customers with lighting solutions for new construction, retrofit, and emergency replacement.  We carry a full range of LED lights, but we also have High Pressure Sodium, Halogen, and Metal Halide fixtures along with a broad range of replacement bulbs.  We also stock many parts that others do not and have an excellent reputation as "the place to go" for odd or old parts alike.


Where we Live and Work

We are based in Seattle, just two blocks from Fishermen's Terminal, two miles from Pier 91, and 8 miles from Seattle's freight terminals. Our customers are based for the most part in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, but operate their vessels in many cases around the world. Naturally, we work on their vessels as needed and where needed - which takes us to most of the deepwater ports in the US as well as assignments from Shanghai, China to Cape Town, South Africa and from Dutch Harbor to Lima, Peru.